Jags Head Coffee: Sustainable Roasting with a mission

Since the early 1900s our family has been growing specialty coffee in El Salvador. Cultivating this precious bean is not the same as it was in the past. Today we face new challenges our ancestors did not have. Higher production cost with lower market prices and global warming makes it nearly impossible to be sustainable for non industrialized farms. As 3rd and 4th generation coffee producers we have decided to make one last push to keep our family’s legacy in coffee, that is to roast what we harvest giving you not only a sustainable cup of coffee but also a single estate specialty coffee experience. We have the done the nearly impossible of eliminating all links in the supply chain to reinvest in our farms, our collaborators and our community who contribute to produce one of the smoothest cups of coffee you will every experience.

From Our Farm to Your Cup!

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The Life Cycle Of Our Coffee

We harvest in El Salvador
We process in El Salvador
We roast in Charlotte, NC
You enjoy our craft labor

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