Our Company

Our coffee history starts on the high & steep slopes of the Santa Ana volcano in El Salvador, where our family has been growing coffee for over 150 years. Our farms are located specifically in a region known as “Los Naranjos” where many award-winning beans have been harvested. On our lands we produce high altitude grown Arabica coffee. Our farms are filled with highly desired coffee varieties: Borbon (Red, Orange, Pink and Dwarf), Pacamara, Caturra, Gesha, SL28 and other Hybrids.

In 2016 we decided to move forward in the coffee supply chain. We did not only want to grow coffee but we wanted to roast our beans in Charlotte, North Carolina. That’s when Jags Head Coffee was born. Starting Jags Head Coffee was a way we could bring a true from “Farm to Cup” experience to our clients. In our process and product we take pride of our farming, milling and roasting skills. It is the only way to guarantee we will provide the cup of coffee everyone deserves.

As our beans are being harvested we personally approve of every bean that will be selected to be shipped to our roastery in North Carolina. After the beans have been picked we carefully decide how to process the beans to maximize the cup quality output we can offer. When the milling process is completed our final approval is given after we have all cupped the beans. Little after being approved the beans are ready to be roasted and delivered to you!

Our Family

In El Salvador our founder Tomas Trigueros II (3rd generation coffee producer) oversees our farming operation. Tomas has been around coffee since he was a child as he visited our estates with his grandfather (1st Generation coffee producer) and father (2nd generation coffee producer).

In Charlotte, North Carolina Tomas’s children better known as Tomas III, Andres and Diego (4th generation producers) have been working on the roasting and sales operation. They have also been around coffee as kid’s growing up in El Salvador, spending their weekends learning about coffee farming to keep the tradition for generations to come. Andres is our head roaster in Jags Head. He has been educated in roasting coffee at academies in Portland, Oregon and various Central American countries over the years.

We are all proud and excited in integrating a true farm to cup experience, by introducing you with a revolutionary-sustainable model in the coffee industry.